In a small ceremony on January 7, 2010, at the YWCA Tucson, the LGBT&S Alliance Fund awarded one-year funding grants to seven organizations that were chosen from the Fund’s annual competitive grant round. The projects are described following this announcement. Organizations getting grants included Ethica as the 2nd annual Noel Matkin-Jim Sincox Tribute Endowment award winner, the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, the Southern Arizona HIV-AIDS Foundation, the Tucson Jewish Community Center, Planned Parenthood Arizona, Open Inn Inc, and VOICES. The grants were presented by Alliance Fund Board members Scott Neeley, Kristen Birner, and Doug Noffsinger. Noel Matkin and Jim Sincox presented the grant award made in their names.

The Honorable Paula Aboud, Arizona State Senator, gave the keynote address and stressed the importance of supporting projects that assist the LGBT community and that encourage diversity in Southern Arizona. A tribute was also paid to David Fitzsimmons, award-winning editorial cartoonist for the Arizona Daily Star, for his support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community over the years. Ms Hoby spoke to the successful history of the Alliance Fund over ten years. (Abridged portions of Senator Aboud’s, Mr. Fitzsimmons’ and Ms Hoby’s comments are available here.)

The Alliance Fund grants were made possible by generous support from individual donors in Southern Arizona and from throughout the country, from Board contributions and fundraising events, and from funds available through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, where Alliance Fund operating and various endowment funds are held.

With the year’s awards on the 10th Anniversary of the Alliance Fund, the organization has now invested more than $400,000 in projects that benefit the LGBT and wider communities that celebrate diversity. The Fund also stressed its commitment to a long-term effort to guarantee funding for projects that benefit the LBGT&S community and promote diversity in Southern Arizona. A campaign to help community members create and build revenue-producing endowments is part of the Alliance Fund’s strategy to be a perpetual source of support for the community.