Grant Impact

Grants have supported diverse programs such as:

Our History

The Alliance Fund was formed in 1999, when the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona was awarded a two-year, $100,000 challenge grant from the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership.
The Fund was established to expand funding opportunities and resources for LGBTQ organizations in Tucson and rural southern Arizona (Pima, Cochise and Santa Cruz counties) and to create linkages with straight allies. Since its inception, the Fund has awarded more than 182 grants to 64 different organizations totaling over $809,597.



“The ACLU is grateful for this opportunity from the Alliance Fund to help engage an important segment of our community in securing the freedom to marry. The couples, business leaders and policymakers we identified as a result of this project will serve as key allies during the next legislative session when we expect to see another wave of anti-gay religious refusal laws attempting to codify discrimination. For that reason, the ACLU of Arizona will be ramping up its efforts in 2015 to fight such discriminatory legislation and ensure that these important victories are not eroded.”
ACLU Foundation for Arizona
“The continued philanthropic leadership of the LGBT&S Alliance Fund plays a critical role in providing the local funding necessary to secure and maintain Federal support for this project and for LGBT young people in Southern Arizona.”
Kenneth McKinley, Program Director
Open Inn, Inc. 2009
SAGA: Southern Arizona Gender Alliance
SAGA Members
“As with many local grassroots organizations, your help has been key to our continued growth and development.”
Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, C. Michael Woodward, Executive Director


“This year we received a wonderful grant from the Alliance Fund. This was the first funding we received for our 3rd annual Camp Born This Way. It gave us a wonderful boost and confidence hat awe could actually make this camp have again. From this grant we were able to receive another grant from a national organization. We are incredibly grateful to the Alliance Fund because we would not have the impact in the community without this grant.”
Camp Born This Way, Diana Wilson