The Funders for LGBTQ Issues announced from New York that the Tucson-based Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight (LGBT&S) Alliance Fund will receive one of its four matching grants. The grant, a part of the national Queer Youth Initiative, will provide $22,500 to the Alliance Fund. The Fund must match that amount. The Alliance Fund has already begun to seek donors who are passionate about helping LGBTQ youth and who want to help raise the matching funds.

The new grant will provide support to efforts that benefit LGBTQ youth, with emphasis on youth of color, young women, youth involved in gender issues, low-income youth, and youth in rural areas. Talks have already begun to involve leaders of organizations that serve LGBTQ youth to identify ways and places to use the grant funds that will maximize support for the safety and self-image of kids. LGBTQ youth are also being asked to participate in defining goals and making grant decisions.

The Alliance Fund also announced that an annual grant will be made in the names of Jim Leos and Clint McCall. The life partners have made a substantial gift to the Fund that will support the grant and also benefit the Alliance Fund Legacy Society. Leos and McCall have been long-time and major philanthropists for causes that benefit the LGBTQ community, and the Alliance Fund salutes them. Their effort is the latest in the Alliance Fund push to establish perpetual funding for projects that aid the LGBTQ community, including its legacy group, and the established endowment funds (Matkin-Sincox Fund and Award, Walt Whitman Fund, LGBT&S Endowment Fund, and Funk-Noffsinger Fund) that help support the organization’s annual competitive grant round.

The Alliance Fund also received with gratitude recently a grant from the Tucson Association of Realtors to support its 2011 Awards Event. You can click on the organization’s logo below to access their website.