Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Staff Members

Clint Mabie, President/CEO


Kelly Huber, Director of Community Investments, 520-209-2858

Laci Lester, Program Manager Initiatives, Community Investments
520-770-0800 Ext. 7128

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The LGBT&S Alliance Fund is currently accepting applications for additional Board Members. Please email with your interest and to get an application.

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2019 – 2020 Board Members


Tim Olcott, Immediate Past Chair Barbara Smith, Emeritus Doug Noffsinger, Emeritus Sylvia Mulka, Emeritus
Kent Burbank
Kent Burbank
Cynthia Garcia Tabitha Fox, Treasurer Ethan Smith Cox
Kristen BirnerKristen Birner, Emeritus Vicki Gaubeca Karin Uhlich
Alan Taylor


Casey Chimneystar Condit







Former Board Members

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund is forever grateful for the expertise and leadership of our former Board members.
Your support and commitment has made a difference in Southern Arizona’s LGBTQ community.

  • Edna Meza Aguirre
  • Julie Barkmeier-Kramer
  • Margo Barnes
  • Brian Bateman
  • Jennie Bennett
  • Kristen Birner, Emeritus (Current Past Chair 2009-2015)
  • Shannon Cain
  • Kathy Campbell
  • Neal Dorschel
  • Sally Dodds
  • Ryan Fette
  • Ken Foster
  • Ramon Garcia
  • Vicki Gaubeca
  • Oscar Hinojosateve
  • Oliver Hickman
  • Steve Henderson
  • Michael Hutchins
  • John Jackson
  • John Jarvise
  • Sarah Jones
  • Charles Kocher
  • Jaime Lee
  • James Leos
  • Bruce Lehmann
  • Noel Matkin
  • David Messick
  • Kevin McCoy
  • Kevin McCoy
  • Michael Miller
  • Joel Meister
  • Thom Melendez
  • Philip Moul
  • Scott Neeley
  • Doug Noffsinger, Emeritus
  • Miki Odawa
  • Lori Pascarella
  • Mike Petillo
  • Mike Pollack
  • Stephen Russell
  • Frances Sjoberg
  • Craig Snow
  • Randy Soderstrom
  • Vicky Stromee
  • Rosie Tucker
  • Dianne Van Tasell
Initial Advisory Committee

  • Josefina Ahumada
  • Jean Baker
  • Jonathan Bengal
  • Ronald Bogard
  • Beth Carey
  • Jason Cianciotto
  • Dan Fahy
  • Alexander Goodrum
  • Kristie Graham
  • Linda Lopez
  • Mary Belle McCorkle
  • Rosemary Neimann
  • John Peck
  • Ernest Perez
  • Gloria Proo
  • Alan Storm
  • Jim Thomas
  • Karen Uhlich
  • John Vasquez-Bedoy

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.”
Erma Bombeck